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Thursday 23rd April

Hello Beech Class!


I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather that we have been having! Well done for all of the brilliant work that you’ve been getting up to over the last week, don’t forget to email me on I love seeing your work!


This week there have been two new programmes released that you might like to use. The BBC has released BBC Bitesize daily- they have some great videos with lots of great games. The Oak National Academy is now up and running and is offering daily lessons. Have a look and see what you think of these and let me know what you think of these resources!





This week we will be continuing our science learning. We will be thinking about food chains. I have added a video to explain food chains. I have also added some resources which you might choose to have a look at to develop your knowledge. I’d like you to explore food chains in your garden or out on a walk. Have a look at the different creatures that you see and see if you can work out what they eat and what, if anything, eats them. With your grown–ups, you could show these food chains in lots of different ways, draw them, build them using construction toys, take photographs, act as the different parts of the food chain or use animal toys in your home. I’m sure you can think of some other brilliant ways of showing different food chains.

Food Chains

Year 2 Food chains introduction

I also saw this earlier in the week and thought it looked like lots of fun. I wonder what you will get up to with your dandelion ink!

Keeping your mind and body healthy is really important. This week, I’d like you to get dancing! You could choose some music and have fun having your own dance party at home or in your garden. What sort of music do you enjoy?


Our very own Beech Class MasterChef, Mrs Kyne, has been sharing some of her fantastic recipes on the school website (Children, Class Pages, (scroll down) Cooking with Mrs Kyne). Have a look and have a go! I’d love to hear about your cooking!



This week I would like you to write some sentences about what different animals eat.

For my food chains in the video I might write ‘The owl eats the mouse.’ Use your phonics and see which words you can sound out.

Then write one of your sentences in to your beige handwriting book.

I’d love to hear about the books you are reading at home. Could you design a new front cover for your favourite book?




Last week, you made some excellent patterns, they were fantastic!

This week, I’d like you to practice looking for o’clock times on an analogue clock.

Firstly, I’d like for you to look around your home for some clocks.

Where are they? Which sorts of clocks do you have? Are they digital or analogue? Do you have any electronics that also have a clock? Do we all have clocks in the same places? Do your analogue clocks have numbers or Roman Numerals?

Then, I would like you to get active! Every time you seen an o’clock time on the clock I would like you to shout it out and do ten star jumps.





Keep up your hard work!

Have a great week and take care,

Miss Pritchard