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Wednesday 13th January

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Timetable- Wednesday 13th January




Guided Reading


OMS Numeracy






Today in Literacy, I would like to you to go complete the Oak Academy lesson which follows on from yesterday. In this lesson, you will be planning the recount of events for your newspaper story, with a focus on appropriate conjunctions and journalistic sentence starters. 

If you are finding the tasks too tricky for this session, take 3-5 of the sentence openers from the word mat attached and make your own sentences out of them for your newspaper report.

Word mat for recount

Guided Reading

Today, I would like you to retell the story of Peter Rabbit in your own words. Try to remember as much of the story in order as you can. Then go back through the PowerPoint and see how well you did!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

OMS- Numeracy

Please complete the Peter Rabbit counting worksheet. If you cannot print the sheet off, try counting on the screen.


Today I would like you to find as many rectangles as you can at home and outside. I would like you to measure the perimeter of these shapes by measuring around the outside of them. Draw or take pictures of some examples.


Today's PE lesson is learning how to bounce pass a ball in netball. Watch the clip for further guidance and then practise this pass with a partner. If you have two people at home you could play with, you can also practise how to dodge someone trying to intercept the ball. 

I know not all of you will be able to work with a partner. If you are unable to complete this lesson, follow a Joe Wicks workout video instead. You can also continue with Mrs Revell's challenge of doing at least five minutes of exercise. This can be whatever you like.

How To Bounce Pass

This guide shows you How To Bounce PassWatch This and Other Related films here:! htt...


Today you are going to learn about how songs are divided into bars. Make your way through the videos (Music only) and follow along to the latest song. You can clap to the beat and sing, if you wish. A lyric sheet is attached.